Saturday 15 June 2024


At SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 we gonna use new system REFEREE RECORDER.

The REFEREE RECORDER is a platform of Smart application and special electronic device for referees. With this equipment you will be able to mark interesting moments during the match and get videoclips of desired moment immediately after you finish the game. It saves a lot of time to create evaluate your match during a post-game video analysis. All you need is the RECORDER device and any video capture of your match.

 What are key features?

  • Just press the button on your RECORDER and you will get a clip. Get videoclips of interesting situations automatically & immediately right after the game! 
  • Watch shared videos in the Referee Community. Filter videos by their categories (tags) – e.g. game situation, violation or foul type, referee decision type… The more actions you watch the better ref you are! 
  • Get better with your improvement’s checklist. All your knowledge at your hand
  • Have all your matches at one place. Filter & search quickly your upcoming and previous matches 
  • Have a money overview. Compare months, seasons, competitions or how much you have got in cash or on your bank account
  • Check interesting stats of your referee career. Number of matches according the competitions, its categories, frequent names of your colleagues.

How it works and what is needed?


Use your RECORDER during the match in order to mark interesting moments. Just click the red button. Your videoclip takes the last 25 seconds before you tagged an interesting situation (editable). After the match just put your mobile phone together with the RECORDER and transfer your situations to the Application (via NFC).

  • Video capture of the match

Second thing what you need is any video capture of the match. In the Application you can either upload the video from your mobile/computer (MP4 file) or just paste the web address (particular webs are supported only).

  • Synchronization

Because the video capture of the game can take various time, it is required to synchronize the data (your saved situation) from the RECORDER with the game video capture. How? Just find and set the begin of the match (generally a time when you started your recording) in the Application.

“We are glad we can be part of the Survival camp and let all campers to try our helpful service. Let’s put our skills on a higher level together!”


on behalf of REFEREE RECORDER team