Saturday 15 June 2024

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Day 3

Today, there was the „critical” third day – Wednesday, but we still worked on more than 100%. The day started as usual with morning warm up and stretching. The pain from previous days became more real but it did not stop us from the best performance we were able to do. The morning workout was followed by practice of 3PO where we did some similar activities as the day before in order to get it under the skin.
At 9am we could get finally something into our stomach 🙂 and be ready for 2 more presentations this time from Farrah (backcourt violation) and Eduard (3sec.). Directly after the presentation and videos we got the rest that everybody used in different way. Some people went to the „city“ and some others stayed and relaxed in their own ways. But one thing is for sure, the time ran very very fast and in few moments we met again behind our PCs and were ready to discuss clips and the situations that had happened on court the day before.
Here came another preferred part of the day – the lunch and some time for ourselves afterwards when we got ready for the pre-game and evening matches.  And also I cannot forget to our evening workout between matches that got everything from us, band I am quite surprised that we were able to officiate and to apply all new information we got from the very first day. Today we used all gadgets and it was very interesting to see different views from each ref on the court. This day was finished by cutting the clips and comparing the situations from different views.

Look forward to another day and for the activities that are waiting for our great team!

Natálie Karabínová