Saturday 15 June 2024

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Session 2/Day 1

The first day cannot be called any other way than amazing. The group of people that met here is great and willing to work on themselves. Our first day started with an overall body check up which showed us what we need to work on. After that, we had our first session – besides a routine introduction of everyone present and the attributes of the camp, we had an introductory part on the basics of 3PO and we watched the clips from Session 1 of the camp from last week. Following that, we had a presentation about Referee Recorder – a great tool for video processing of our games that will be useful not only on this camp. After the introductory part, we had lunch and a bit of time to rest. The rest was very appreciated, since then came the most important part of the game – the workout and the games. We started with a warm-up together with the players which was led by professional personal trainers, and we felt the heat from the very beginning. We then divided ourselves into two groups, one went to officiate the games and the other went working out with the trainers. After some time, the groups switched their activities and continued working out/officiating games. We finished the day with a video session with clips from our games.

A big thank you goes not only to Kuba and Marcin, but also to the trainers and the physiotherapist, who look after us and help us to do our best at the camp.

I look forward to keeping working hard and making the most of this camp in the following days!