Saturday 15 June 2024

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Session 2/Day 2

It’s time to start day two! Just woke up from our bed, and we realize how our legs are feeling after yesterday’s workout. No worries it’s a good thing and fortunately, it’s time to go for stretching wake up.  As soon as our muscles are ready again, we are going on the court for mechanic drills, it’s time to correct the wrong habits we show during yesterday’s game. After repeating many transition exercises, jump ball, seconds counting, and so on, it’s finally time for breakfast.

Ready to work hard on the theory aspect of our job! First Laimonas presented the backcourt violation rule and then Marc talked about screens, always super interesting to go deep into the rulebook! After a short Break, Marcin takes over Marc for one long lecture about the screen, what to look at, what to expect and why!?  Then Kuba and Marcin analyze the clip we did last night about our games, always a nice discussion with all of us.

Then back to the routine!! Time to REF! After a nice game, still feeling my legs, we have no rest … it’s time to wake up our upper body! And finally, the nest time of the day, officiating the best players of the camp! I really feel, only after two days, that we know each other, and our team spirit is growing!

Let’s keep working!!  
Alexandre Tornay