Saturday 9 December 2023

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Session 2/Day 4

Thursday was our day number four which we started as always with morning exercises. With half closed eyes we went to the court and started the warm up while which we were already feeling all our muscles, but we also ran a yoyo test. Happy that we survived the first workout we had our usual team shout “smacznego!” and went for a breakfast.

At 10.15 we started our presentations which took longer than planned because I was talking too much 😉 We had a really good conversation about 8 seconds violation, while which everyone learned something new. After that we also had a presentation about 3 seconds violation and goaltending & interference. At the end of the session we had a great lecture about
unsportsmanlike foul prepared by Marcin. Super hungry we went for lunch and enjoyed little break before afternoon torture.

At 3.20pm we had our pre-game. Then we got split into two groups. First group had workout in the gym with our trainer who said “I like hard work, I like watching it”. I don’t think any more
comment is needed. You can just imagine that like every other workout with him, it was fun. Second group went to referee junior games, then we switched.

At the end we all had a chance to referee games played by extra league and first division players. We used glasses with cameras recording what we watch during the game. The
cameras are absolutely awesome! After watching such a record we can analyse very well what we should observe, who has the best view for the action and finally which decision should be made.

We were working very hard, and did a good job, but also some little mistakes happened.
Concentration was going down in some moments. I don’t know if it was because of being tired or because we were already dreaming about an evening sauna.
Oh, the sauna after such physically tiring days was absolutely great, but unfortunately it wasn’t the end of the day for us yet. We watched and analysed games, cut the clips and finally went to bed.

Let’s get ready for the last day!

Paulina Chyrc