Monday 22 April 2024


We are happy to announce first two of our 2023 campers. Please check self introduction of James & James.

Hello everybody,

Here is Yuta & Ting-Hong.

You can call Yuta his first name (Yuta) and call me James or my first name according to your preferences. We all came from Asia, Yuta is from Japan and living in Shang-Hai, China right now. He is a teacher at a primary school in Shang-Hai. Besides basketball, he loves to travel and have visited 54 countries. He has used to officiate in Hong Kong, China, Hungary, and of course in Japan. He has known this camp since 2019 and really wanted to participate this camp but can’t did it because of Covid 19.

My name is James, come from Taiwan. I’m currently a PhD student in National Taiwan Normal University, specializing in sports psychology. I used to be a basketball player, but because of my lower back injury, I switched to be a referee because I am really loving this sport. I have two Shiba Inu, they are quite cute and they are ten years old. Because I saw quite a lot of Shiba Inu when I was traveling in Japan, it gave me the idea to keep them. I knew about this camp from my senior – Fei, whom participated twice.