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SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Session 2/Day 5

Last smacznego…

Our morning starts very quiet at 7:00 whit body check. Everybody liked the results, because we have lost fat and have gained more muscle mass and of course rise HERO ranking.

After that we went to the gym for morning exercises and training. This session was a little bit different because we more analised situation whit better possition in the court.

Then after breakfast we met in the lecture room. There we started last presentations and watched clips. It was amazing atmosphere because it was hard discussion about clips. When emotions calmed down we finished lecture and listened intresting presentation from Veronika about fiba referee life.

In the gym we had our last game and last workout. Everybody was tired but still worked hard. In the game we were best version of ourselves, because we had a lot of feedback from our instructors and colleagues which we used and it was very helpful.

When last whistle rang we realized that thats it and we could see in everybody eyes that nobody wanted to leave… but after long good byes everybody left. I hope that we will meet again in the future. I want to say thanks to Kuba, Marcin, Bruno, Filip, Michal, Kuba junior, Paulina, Marc, Alex, Valentin and Veronika.

Good luck everyone!!!

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Session 2/Day 4

Thursday was our day number four which we started as always with morning exercises. With half closed eyes we went to the court and started the warm up while which we were already feeling all our muscles, but we also ran a yoyo test. Happy that we survived the first workout we had our usual team shout “smacznego!” and went for a breakfast.

At 10.15 we started our presentations which took longer than planned because I was talking too much 😉 We had a really good conversation about 8 seconds violation, while which everyone learned something new. After that we also had a presentation about 3 seconds violation and goaltending & interference. At the end of the session we had a great lecture about
unsportsmanlike foul prepared by Marcin. Super hungry we went for lunch and enjoyed little break before afternoon torture.

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SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Session 2/Day 3

The day started with loud music in our room. “I need a hero” from ABBA. It’s the kind of music to put you in a good mood from the very beginning of the day.

At 7:45, we meet on the court. We have referee practice. Which means, warm up, and then some exercises. Mechanics, whistle, counting, moving on the court, showing numbers to the table, everything is drilled. We also ran the bips test. Prerequisite to officiate in certain leagues around the world. When we were done, we went to get breakfast, and get showered.

We had another big music session in the room. This time we listened to Céline Dion, and other gems of French music. We go downstairs to our conference room, and get ready to work.
I am chosen as volunteer for washing the clothes. We have some shirts especially for the camp, and obviously since we do so many different sport sessions.
Presentation from Valentin. He is a Swiss guy, just like me. He talks about goaltending and interference. Especially useful when you officiate the top league players, that can actually jump and do this. Big discussions were sparked when Kuba showed some clips of his, from Euroleague.

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SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Session 2/Day 2

It’s time to start day two! Just woke up from our bed, and we realize how our legs are feeling after yesterday’s workout. No worries it’s a good thing and fortunately, it’s time to go for stretching wake up.  As soon as our muscles are ready again, we are going on the court for mechanic drills, it’s time to correct the wrong habits we show during yesterday’s game. After repeating many transition exercises, jump ball, seconds counting, and so on, it’s finally time for breakfast.

Ready to work hard on the theory aspect of our job! First Laimonas presented the backcourt violation rule and then Marc talked about screens, always super interesting to go deep into the rulebook! After a short Break, Marcin takes over Marc for one long lecture about the screen, what to look at, what to expect and why!?  Then Kuba and Marcin analyze the clip we did last night about our games, always a nice discussion with all of us.

Then back to the routine!! Time to REF! After a nice game, still feeling my legs, we have no rest … it’s time to wake up our upper body! And finally, the nest time of the day, officiating the best players of the camp! I really feel, only after two days, that we know each other, and our team spirit is growing!

Let’s keep working!!  
Alexandre Tornay

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Session 2/Day 1

The first day cannot be called any other way than amazing. The group of people that met here is great and willing to work on themselves. Our first day started with an overall body check up which showed us what we need to work on. After that, we had our first session – besides a routine introduction of everyone present and the attributes of the camp, we had an introductory part on the basics of 3PO and we watched the clips from Session 1 of the camp from last week. Following that, we had a presentation about Referee Recorder – a great tool for video processing of our games that will be useful not only on this camp. After the introductory part, we had lunch and a bit of time to rest. The rest was very appreciated, since then came the most important part of the game – the workout and the games. We started with a warm-up together with the players which was led by professional personal trainers, and we felt the heat from the very beginning. We then divided ourselves into two groups, one went to officiate the games and the other went working out with the trainers. After some time, the groups switched their activities and continued working out/officiating games. We finished the day with a video session with clips from our games.

A big thank you goes not only to Kuba and Marcin, but also to the trainers and the physiotherapist, who look after us and help us to do our best at the camp.

I look forward to keeping working hard and making the most of this camp in the following days!


SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Day 5

The last day began with same morning like days before, as we are already have it as habits – early wake up and have practice in the gym.
Today the physician coach could rest, giving us the possibility to make the warming up by ourselves, just taking morning coffee while we are doing his program without himself. Today we were better in specific referees drills, such as jump ball, transition, signals. On the end of morning practice we should undergo Yoyo test, first time for many of us ever, and we did it everybody!

Then we received the confirmation on body check device that we spent this week with measurable profit.
In the lecture room we prepare clips from yesterday games which were in Aquapark gym. And then we discussed them, my friend Vasilii was a photograph, it was great 🙂
After the mini-break we listened presentation by Roman from Czech Republic. He told about travelling and for me it was good thing to remind us about hop-step, pivot foot and spin moves.
The senior campers trusted on our improvement (but i’s not definitely )) and we did the preparation for the games ourselves finally to put the cherry on the cake on the last day games
Quick warming up with Woiciech, and we are ready to hard work again – in the fitness for upper body, and then on the court giving right decisions
Like it was before we split for two groups. When we officiate, we try to do our best, and our instructors has no remarks and questions, our legs after leg day run us forward and help to take correct position. In fitness zone we came to hell, arms day did not pretend like anything difficult, but it was like the circle of hell, but we were prepared and like all days we survived!

After the last shower here, during countdown to say good bye, I felt myself like after the parents day in the children camp, when after the many meetings many communications you stay alone with the memories and expectations to repeat these days of our lives.

With the best regards

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Day 4

Another day, another workout 🙂 At the beginning of the day we were happy to welcome next instructor – Marcin Kowalski. Then we started as usual, some warm-up activities, including the exercises with the stretch bands. Some of us felt pain from yesterday hard work, but there was no time to thinking about it. After the warm-up we just repeated the 3PO mechanics on the court and then, we were also practising with the ball. The task was, how can we make a good jump ball? It is easy, let´s practice! After that, we were working on our reporting to the table officials, and just before the breakfast we did our favorite activity – BEEP TEST 🙂

After breakfast we met each other in the conference room, where we went through the presentations. The first one was prepared by “Russian team”, Vasilii and Nastya. Their topic for today was screening. This presentation was followed by another one from Marcin, also about the screens. We saw many interesting clips with legal and illegal screening. Then, small break for some snack and again back to work. Next presentation, this time about the handchecking, which was presented by Semen. I really liked it because we made a great discussion about it.

Before todays games, we had a free time for relax, or other activities. In the afternoon, we were officiating the games. We started in our place, but then we moved to the gym close to the aquapark, which was beautiful. After that we came back for the dinner. We were still missing one fitness lesson, so let´s go for that! Today we had a leg day, but it wasn´t only hard work, but also fun. Semen showed us, how looks animals in Russia, sometimes I felt like we were at ZOO not in the fitness 😀 😀

We finished our day with basketball game 5on5, of course, the Czechoslovak-Belgian team won 🙂

So now, let´s enjoy the last day of the camp !!

Kuba from Opava, Czech Republic.

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Day 3

Today, there was the „critical” third day – Wednesday, but we still worked on more than 100%. The day started as usual with morning warm up and stretching. The pain from previous days became more real but it did not stop us from the best performance we were able to do. The morning workout was followed by practice of 3PO where we did some similar activities as the day before in order to get it under the skin.
At 9am we could get finally something into our stomach 🙂 and be ready for 2 more presentations this time from Farrah (backcourt violation) and Eduard (3sec.). Directly after the presentation and videos we got the rest that everybody used in different way. Some people went to the „city“ and some others stayed and relaxed in their own ways. But one thing is for sure, the time ran very very fast and in few moments we met again behind our PCs and were ready to discuss clips and the situations that had happened on court the day before.
Here came another preferred part of the day – the lunch and some time for ourselves afterwards when we got ready for the pre-game and evening matches.  And also I cannot forget to our evening workout between matches that got everything from us, band I am quite surprised that we were able to officiate and to apply all new information we got from the very first day. Today we used all gadgets and it was very interesting to see different views from each ref on the court. This day was finished by cutting the clips and comparing the situations from different views.

Look forward to another day and for the activities that are waiting for our great team!

Natálie Karabínová


SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Day 2

How else could have day 2 started if not with a  warm up and a morning workout. I believe that we all felt the impact of yesterday’s squats, however, thanks to our amazing coaches, soreness slowly faded and we also had the chance to learn how to sprint when changing position to the lead.

After breakfast, Natalia and Jakub led the session about block/charge and interference/goaltending situations. Natalia and Jakub’s presentation was followed by “a surprise”. This was, however, a theoretical test by Veronika, and I can say that this was  truly a surprise. Before our lunch break, we also had a chance to talk about unsportsmanlike fouls and technical fouls.

During the break afterwards, we watched Olympics pre-qualifiers game (Poland v. Angola) Our “beloved warm up” was the next on today’s programme and, finally, we officiated some games. Today, we had a chance to officiate with glasses with in-built camera, so we could basically see the situations from three different angels. However, we have found out, that all three of us watched basically only the basket ball.

At the end of the day I can say that we survived!

Eduard Uhrin

Referee from Handlová (Slovak Republic)