Saturday 20 July 2024

SURVIVAL CAMP 2021 – Day 4

Another day, another workout 🙂 At the beginning of the day we were happy to welcome next instructor – Marcin Kowalski. Then we started as usual, some warm-up activities, including the exercises with the stretch bands. Some of us felt pain from yesterday hard work, but there was no time to thinking about it. After the warm-up we just repeated the 3PO mechanics on the court and then, we were also practising with the ball. The task was, how can we make a good jump ball? It is easy, let´s practice! After that, we were working on our reporting to the table officials, and just before the breakfast we did our favorite activity – BEEP TEST 🙂

After breakfast we met each other in the conference room, where we went through the presentations. The first one was prepared by “Russian team”, Vasilii and Nastya. Their topic for today was screening. This presentation was followed by another one from Marcin, also about the screens. We saw many interesting clips with legal and illegal screening. Then, small break for some snack and again back to work. Next presentation, this time about the handchecking, which was presented by Semen. I really liked it because we made a great discussion about it.

Before todays games, we had a free time for relax, or other activities. In the afternoon, we were officiating the games. We started in our place, but then we moved to the gym close to the aquapark, which was beautiful. After that we came back for the dinner. We were still missing one fitness lesson, so let´s go for that! Today we had a leg day, but it wasn´t only hard work, but also fun. Semen showed us, how looks animals in Russia, sometimes I felt like we were at ZOO not in the fitness 😀 😀

We finished our day with basketball game 5on5, of course, the Czechoslovak-Belgian team won 🙂

So now, let´s enjoy the last day of the camp !!

Kuba from Opava, Czech Republic.