Saturday 20 July 2024


Hey! We are the Swiss crew!

The first time we heard from each other was already six years ago when I move to Fribourg, his city, Despite officiating in the same area we had two wait 3 more years to officiate together and finally get to know each other. We bond quite quickly because we realized we have the same interest in spending hours watching clips and working on officiating. “Did you hear about the Crown ref podcast?” or “Hey did you hear about red flags ?” that was the start of a friendship. And in 2021 we went to the survival camp for the first time and that’s when a real friendship started. We got to know more than the referees.

Living in Fribourg, Valentin Kutnar is crazy about sports. Fitness, swimming, Yoga … Taking care of his body is driving a big part of his life. That got even to his job, currently studying Osteopathy. Someone that cares for other people, he will always be there to help you.

Living in Basel, Alexandre Tornay is passionate about art alongside sport. Between two running sessions, he let his mind get free to creativity. That is no surprise that his daily life is driven by architecture. Very positive mindset he’s never let your negativity get you.

We are both motivated in improving officiating, currently, in the first division of women and second division of men in Switzerland we will never stop improving ourselves. After a few camps like Survival Camp or Scania that we already did together we are looking forward to working hard with the new edition of Survival Camp!!

Have a great Day!