Saturday 15 June 2024

We survived the first day

First day by Paulina Chryc

We survived the first day of the Survival Camp. The first tricky thing was to arrive at Jezierzyce. Everyone had a long journey, but it only shows how much we all want to be here. We didn’t know each other, but only after a moment we all started feeling like we know each other very well. Connects us love to basketball and passion to refereeing. We started the day with practicing 3PO mechanics. After that we had our first gym session. It was tough, but we made it and deserved to have lunch. The break wasn’t long. We met again to have a lecture, analyze the clips together and make ourselves ready for the first games. Most of us didn’t referee much after the season finished, enjoying the summer break, and it was a good moment to start putting ourselves back on track. Does it sound like a lot has been done that day? Oh… the day is not over yet 😉 We had a dinner which was so delicious. I’m not sure if the food was so great or we just were so super hungry because of having a lot of exercise. After that we met together in our crews and watched the records from our games and cut the clips which we all analyzed together. At midnight we could say that the day is finally over and we can enjoy a good sleep… until the wake up call at 7am the next day.

Good night 😉