Saturday 15 June 2024

Hard work continues

Day 2 by Bence Szilvagyi

Our second day started early with a high-intensity speed work session. It was great to have specifically designed drills for us referees. After a short break, we dove right back into our day with some signal training. Everyone enjoyed this session and took some time to reflect on how they could improve themselves. After practicing, we followed it up with a theory session where we discussed cooperation and post-play. We talked about how to effectively exchange information during the game with the crew, as well as with players and coaches too.

During the post-play discussion, we gained more knowledge on how to handle different situations in the paint. To conclude the practical session, we followed it up with a fitness session, where we trained upper body and core workouts, which everyone enjoyed and felt a little sore too. Lunchtime arrived, granting us a well-deserved longer break. With lunch and some time to rest, we refilled ourselves and got back on the court for a few games. In our first session, we focused on refining our mechanics and signals. The second session focusing on enhancing our communication skills and sharpening our signals towards the table. Following this, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then reviewed the clips and situations from our previous session. We will resume our work tomorrow.

Kind Regards, Bence Szilvagyi