Saturday 20 July 2024


Day 3 by Alexandre Tornay

Today it’s REST DAY!! But wait! Let me explain to you what a rest day in survival camp is. 

7:30 Speed practice, what a good start! We worked on triple extension to make the first step of our run as fast as possible. That means strengthening the soles of the feet, a rather unusual practice. Then like every day, a great breakfast was waiting for us. After one of our breaks, let’s go back to the gym!! It’s time for 3PO drills. In fact, we need to practice our mechanics on the court without any player, adding our voice for the best synchronization and memorizing each step of the rotation. After this no break allowed, we passed from the gym to the fitness. After Legs the first day and upper body yesterday, it’s time for Strongman training with circuit drills. Honestly, we all discovered our limits, now we understand the name of the “Survival camp”. Let me remind you that is called “rest day”. 

The bad weather didn’t allow us to enjoy a trip to the sea, unfortunately, but no worries we still had some theory waiting for us during the afternoon instead. We had an interesting conversation about coach communication, the mindset of referees on management, and crew teamwork in special situations. Now we are ready for unexpected plays!  

Rest day means no game today and a Yoga session during the evening. We all gave our best in the gym to focus on our breathing and followed the instructions of our great Yoga teacher. Even if her skills are inimitable, what flexibility! 

Even if the morning was tough, we could have a bit of time for ourselves today, some decided to do body and running tests and others decided to cut the hair of our colleague Yuta! That is the team spirit of this camp. After this day we are ready and motivated for two tough days that are waiting for us!! Let’s be ready to work even harder!