Saturday 20 July 2024

Today we are back on the court

Day 4 by Maciej Inerwicz

On Thursday morning We woke up with the dilemma: Which Wednesday training exhausted us more: “Superman” or Yoga.

Of course I am joking, but there was significantly lower energy level during the warm up for speed work at 7:30. But Survival Camp participants are not giving up easily so we were working as hard as we could and started the day with a great amount of dopamine. After the breakfast We went to the small gym to practice our jump ball and to make sure that our signals are sharp and visible. There was some time left to the fitness training- but there are no empty spots in the schedule of Survival Camp. Marcin, Julia and Valentin prepared a lecture about communication with players and coaches which was followed by a very inspiring discussion. Afterwards Alex and Yuta presented their point of view on guarding a player with the ball. Filled with the new knowledge we came to the gym for the strength training – leg day! Another unit of pure hard work was continued with refereeing in the afternoon. We are constantly improving and analyzing our mistakes- all of us are eager to grow as a basketball referees and as the human beings. In the evening there was a possibility to go to the sauna. We took care of our bodies, got relaxed and talked while regenerating. On the purpose of better self care routine, we didn’t have another theoretical session in the late evening- instead we focused on resting and recharging batteries for the last day of the camp.