Monday 22 April 2024

The last dance

Day 5 by Valentin Kutnar

Last day is here! With our eyes barely open, we walk to the last speed workout. Legs are heavy and the foam roaling fells like torture. Some sprints later we can find some relief at the breakfast table before continuing the day in the lecture room with the clips from yesterday. We had some interesting 50/50 situation with animated debates and good laughts. Then Bence and Maksym did their presentation about “defending off ball” with loads of clips. “Referee the action, not the reaction”.

We felt a bit sad for this last workout in the gym. Upperbody today and we had the famous 5’ core workout from Arthur. Then we had the last lunch with the whole crew. We each had a chance to share our experience during this week and it was really nice to hear from everybody. It was a great group of people coming together to work hard. 

Tears dried, we had a little break before going to the pregame, where we discussed the point we improved in our refereeing. Like always we started with the “kids” game, in order to get ready for the real game. We saw some great cross step, strong signals and good communication.

But the fun could not continue… The news came that the big players would not play the last day. Everybody was sad, we waited the whole day for this… Anyhow we replaced the game with some good clips and great discussion. Some had to leave to travel back home, some stayed for the night. We played some 3×3 and did some trickshots in the gym. 

It was a great week with all of you. A big thank you to Kuba and Marcin for orgnanising and helping us to become better.

Hard Work!