Saturday 20 July 2024

FIBA referee, Paulina Gajdosz, joining Survival Camp 2024 instructors’ team

She is the first-ever Polish woman to earn a FIBA referee license.

With nomination for U17 Women World Cup in Mexico this year and experience officiating in FIBA Final 4 EuroLeague Women (Turkey, 2024), World University Games (China, 2023), FIBA European Championship U16 Final (Turkey, 2023), FIBA SuperCup Women (France, 2022), FIBA European Championship U18 Final (Greece, 2022) and countless other international games, Paulina has the knowledge to elevate your refereeing.

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Finally we can announce the 8th edition of SURVIVAL CAMP.

Two sessions with 5 days of hard work each.

All to improve YOU as basketball referee!

We will take care of everything what each of us needs on the court. We will kill your bad habits and you will be „infected” with better ones.
Officiated games will be serious games of professional players who will be also getting ready and improve their skills for the next season!

Together with our partner „Get Better” we prepare training program to improve refereeing skills and officiating technics!
We will work on correct movement, proper positioning, clear observation, but also team work, communication and cooperation with players and coaches.
There will be a lot of practical trainings but in the meantime we will have some theoretical sessions when each of us will be active. We will talk about criteria, selection of calls and way to manage games.

There will be a chance to analyse our work supported by new technologies. This will help us to understand what we do right what we do wrong, how we can do better!

We will provide you with the possibility to collect the data about your body condition. You will have chance to work with physiotherapists and get information from professional coaches how to work to avoid injuries or get away from them.
Each day we will work with physical preparation coaches to improve not only our bodies but also all aspects of our movement on the court.

We prepare some special sessions with people from Euroleague, NBA and FIBA.

If you ready to make step forward join us!

You can register now for following sessions

Session 1: 15-19 July 2024 *
Session 2: 22-26 July 2024 *

Both sessions take place again in Jezierzyce Slupskie.
Nobody can disturb us there!

Small group of campers – huge results at the end of the week. Survival Camp provides very modern way of working to improve referees’ skills in all individual aspects.

We not provide comfortable accommodation, but we serve all in one place with quick access to training facilities, specialists, coaches and instructors, all to maximise our time for work!

If you, or any of your colleagues, are interested to join The Survival Camp, please fill in the Application Form SURVIVAL CAMP 2024 Session 1 or 2 at our website.

Each session will be max 9 to 12 referees.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email: j.zamojski @ or by phone: +48601736920

Full residential costs: 435 EUR – all inclusive (full board)

*There will be possibility to arrive on Sunday afternoon
and departure Saturday morning.

The last dance

Day 5 by Valentin Kutnar

Last day is here! With our eyes barely open, we walk to the last speed workout. Legs are heavy and the foam roaling fells like torture. Some sprints later we can find some relief at the breakfast table before continuing the day in the lecture room with the clips from yesterday. We had some interesting 50/50 situation with animated debates and good laughts. Then Bence and Maksym did their presentation about “defending off ball” with loads of clips. “Referee the action, not the reaction”.

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Day 3 by Alexandre Tornay

Today it’s REST DAY!! But wait! Let me explain to you what a rest day in survival camp is. 

7:30 Speed practice, what a good start! We worked on triple extension to make the first step of our run as fast as possible. That means strengthening the soles of the feet, a rather unusual practice. Then like every day, a great breakfast was waiting for us. After one of our breaks, let’s go back to the gym!! It’s time for 3PO drills. In fact, we need to practice our mechanics on the court without any player, adding our voice for the best synchronization and memorizing each step of the rotation. After this no break allowed, we passed from the gym to the fitness. After Legs the first day and upper body yesterday, it’s time for Strongman training with circuit drills. Honestly, we all discovered our limits, now we understand the name of the “Survival camp”. Let me remind you that is called “rest day”. 

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Hard work continues

Day 2 by Bence Szilvagyi

Our second day started early with a high-intensity speed work session. It was great to have specifically designed drills for us referees. After a short break, we dove right back into our day with some signal training. Everyone enjoyed this session and took some time to reflect on how they could improve themselves. After practicing, we followed it up with a theory session where we discussed cooperation and post-play. We talked about how to effectively exchange information during the game with the crew, as well as with players and coaches too.

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We survived the first day

First day by Paulina Chryc

We survived the first day of the Survival Camp. The first tricky thing was to arrive at Jezierzyce. Everyone had a long journey, but it only shows how much we all want to be here. We didn’t know each other, but only after a moment we all started feeling like we know each other very well. Connects us love to basketball and passion to refereeing. We started the day with practicing 3PO mechanics. After that we had our first gym session. It was tough, but we made it and deserved to have lunch. The break wasn’t long. We met again to have a lecture, analyze the clips together and make ourselves ready for the first games. Most of us didn’t referee much after the season finished, enjoying the summer break, and it was a good moment to start putting ourselves back on track. Does it sound like a lot has been done that day? Oh… the day is not over yet 😉 We had a dinner which was so delicious. I’m not sure if the food was so great or we just were so super hungry because of having a lot of exercise. After that we met together in our crews and watched the records from our games and cut the clips which we all analyzed together. At midnight we could say that the day is finally over and we can enjoy a good sleep… until the wake up call at 7am the next day.

Good night 😉

From the far west of Europe please welcome Paulo again at

Hey everyone!

My name is Paulo Martins and I´m from Portugal!

I´m 31 years old, I officiate since 2009 and in the past I have attended 4 Kuba referee camps and its good to be back after a long break. This season I officiated women first divison and men second division. With this camp I look forward to learn new things (ex: about 3PO) and start to get in shape for the next season. Besides officiating games, I also like to practice combat sports, go to the cinema and theater´s and spending time with my dogs. Take care, safe trip´s/flights for everyone and see you soon!

Paulo Rocha Martins

Romeo & Julia … uppsss … Julia & Marcin are with us!

My name is Julia Angela Karamovic

I am a 22-year-old sports-involved girl from a small city in Sweden called Borås, but with parents from the Balkans. I had my first referee clinic in May 2016, where I also refereed my first basketball tournament (Basketball Festivalen). Before I developed a passion for basketball, I was a competitive swimmer. However, I substituted the long hours of swimming in the pool for analyzing and enjoying the game of basketball instead. In High School, I finally pursued my passion for becoming a professional referee, and I haven’t looked back. The season 2022-23 was my first season as a second-league women’s and third-league men’s referee in Sweden. This summer was also my first time going to Australia, where I visited my sister playing and had the chance to watch and analyze their way of reffing.

My name is Marcin Linder. 

I am a 35-year-old Pole, living in Warsaw sinceI returned to Poland 2017. Here I am a referee in the Mazovia district officiation regularly the second female and third male leagues and recently quarter-finals of the Polish championship U17, U13. I have two passions, my work and basketball officiating, and I definitely prefer Euroleague over NAB:)

M&M, please welcome at Survival Camp for first time Maciej and Maksym

Maksym Gerszkow

1. Describe yourself in 30 words.

My name is Maksym, but most of my friends call me Gery. I live in Szczecin, Poland. I am 20 years old and I finished school one year ago. In October I will start studying.

2. What is your referee story?

In primary school my PE teacher, now known as a FIBA referee, encouraged me to start officiating. I have started officiating in October 2021. I was playing basketball for 8 years. Right now, I am finishing my second season as a referee. Officiating became my passion for sure.

3. What is your hidden talent?

Im am not sure if I have any hidden talent, but if I have to pick one thing that I am doing very well, it is dancing. I am an extrovert, so dancing with others is natural for me:)

4. What is one “fun fact” about You?

In high school me and my teammates (we attended the same class) cut our hair bald on our lunch break. One mate didn’t manage to get his haircut and went to class with half a bald head. I was our barber:)

5. What is your favourite TV show?

My favourite TV show is “Peaky Blinders”. Once when I started watching this series, I could not step away from TV for 3 days.

Maciej Inerowicz

1. Describe yourself in 30 words.

I’m 22 and have smile on my face for the most of the time. I study psychology at UAM university in Poznań. Open-minded with lots of energy.

2. What is your referee story?

I was pushed towards refereeing by my middle school coach. Back then I wasn’t fit much, so I was compensating my lacks in perimeter defense by knowing how to take a charge. I referee since 2019/20 season, from 2022/23 season I’m Polish Basketball Association referee. In officiating I value the ability to learn many different skills and the opportunity to meet and get to know a lot of interesting people. And the most important- joy!

3. What is your hidden talent?

Karaoke- especially when I’m alone driving.

4. What is one “fun fact” about You?

I had an episode as a bass player in a punk rock band during my high school era.

5. What is your favourite TV show?

“The Office”